window Who am I? Where are we going? Does God exist?

Read an introduction with cosmic symbols.

11 Our path from animal- to real human kingdom

Gods eternal world plan in one cosmic symbol.

The information-material compiled by the Foundation under guidance of Rolf Elving, is available here in an easy to use way. Click below to download. It is free to use these publications for non-profit use, providing that text and form is unaltered. We do recommend that we send you a printed version as a non-profit service. In this way you get the pictures and symbols printed in professional quality for the price of paper and posting. You can contact us and ask for this here.


Catalogue with all cosmic symbols and literature

An introduction to Martinus' published symbols Nr. 1-44. This catalogue in 44 pages has been compiled in order to make it possible to display the symbols at exhibitions and other presentations. It was the author's wish that the symbols should not be displayed in any context without explanations.

Introductory book

An Introduction to The Third Testament - is an pdf introductory book in 81 pages (A5) by Martinus friend Rolf Elving.

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