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Martinus 1921 - 4 months afther his cosmic initiation











In my 31st year I underwent a spiritual or cosmic process that led me into a cosmic mission. The results of this mission today comprise my entire cosmic writings, my cosmic analyses – and the coloured symbols that go with them – of the eternal structure and laws of the universe, manifested in my large main work LIVETS BOG and the symbol books THE ETERNAL WORLD PICTURE, as well as all my smaller books and the texts of lectures I have given.

I was called or initiated to create these cosmic analyses and symbols of the eternal, physical and mental universe as a result of a completely awake, day-conscious experience of a higher spiritual or cosmic process. This process consisted of an experience of two particularly fundamental visions with several subsequent, lesser visions that supplemented them.

The first part of this cosmic experience was a direct vision of Christ, which showed me that I should bring forward and reveal to mankind the loving structure in the divine light of Christianity. But of course I could not truly understand that straight away. I had absolutely no training, no higher education, no qualifications or scientific degrees, and knew nothing of the great philosophers and writers on religion. I was in no way a scholar. I had only attended a small, simple country school six hours a week in summer and a little more in winter. The school had only two classes and one teacher. All we were taught was bible history, some psalms and a little Danish, arithmetic, history of Denmark and geography – that was all.

As I very much liked Bible history, I was happy to go to school. It was my great wish that I should study and become a teacher when I grew up. But it was not God's will that I should become a school teacher. My foster parents had only the bare necessities. There was not even enough money for me to buy a magazine, which at that time cost only 8 øre. Once I had been confirmed, I worked as an ordinary farm hand, and later as a dairyman, night watchman and finally as an office worker. That is how my life was until I reached the age of 30, when I began to feel the longing to do something more useful for people than writing figures, endless columns of figures. I felt that I had strong forces within me that absolutely could not find sufficient expression through the thousands of figures that I had to write and add up every day, in addition to the other things that my job required. It was in this state and this environment that I found myself when I felt moved to look in to the theosophical movement, which at that time was known over large parts of the world. This was the unintellectual and primitive environment in which I spent my childhood and youth. I had no idea that hidden behind my adolescent years and those leading up to the age of 30 there was a mystery. I had no idea that behind me I had an existence previous to my time on earth. I was unaware that in this great, divine creative process I was already blessed with the divine cosmic knowledge about the universe, life and universal love, just as I was unaware, or at that time did not dare to think, that in this physical incarnation I should carry the divine knowledge or the eternal light forward into its next stage for terrestrial mankind.

What led to my divine calling to my cosmic mission

It was thanks to one of my colleagues in the office where I worked that I became aware of the theosophical movement. He had borrowed a theosophical book from a friend. And on the basis of what he had read in this book he told me about theosophy and I became interested in knowing more. I therefore gained permission from his friend to borrow the book. But the friend, that is to say the owner of the book, asked that I pick up the book from him. He would like to talk to me. And so one day in February that year, that is in 1921, I went to visit this friendly man and was able to borrow the book. But before doing so he asked me about my personal attitude towards religion. He was an extremely well-read man, whereas I knew more or less nothing about all the new, religious movements that were blossoming at that time. My only question to him was whether these new, religious movements had anything to do with prayer to God. He told me that they did, very much so. And that was good, because if he had said that they didn't, they would have been of no interest to me. Even though I must have appeared terribly naive, in his view, to my great surprise as I was leaving he said, "You will soon be my teacher." How that would be possible I could not see. But nevertheless his prediction was fulfilled to a far greater degree than he could have in fact imagined. He became my very first dedicated supporter and close friend, and would not hesitate to support me economically later on when there was a need in the mission that, as the readers now know, I was to carry out. This support meant that I could provisionally give up my job in the office and dedicate myself to my mission, which had already begun the next time I visited him.

After I had come some way in reading this book about theosophy, I experienced for the first time the word "meditation". I felt drawn straight away to trying it out. And that evening I locked the door of my room and according to the instructions in the book sat down and made myself comfortable. I used a completely new armchair that I had just bought. I tied a dark scarf round my eyes as added protection against any rays of light from the strong street light outside that might come through my curtains. There I sat in total darkness concentrating on God. And it was during this concentration on God and in this total darkness that I, in an awake, day-conscious cosmic vision, was to experience my, at that time incomprehensible, divine calling to manifest as cosmic science, or in the form of an intuitive explanation, the "much" that Jesus could have told his disciples, but which neither they nor the public authorities of the time had a sufficient degree of development to be able to either understand or accept, which was what led to the authorities hanging him on the cross.

But the time has now come when human beings are beginning to hunger for Jesus Christ's revelation of the divine knowledge that he had in his time withheld or interrupted. And it is this knowledge that should now be made intellectual and renewed so that it forms the basis of the global mission of Christianity as the foundation of life in the world epoch that is just beginning. And it was this intellectualisation and regeneration of Christianity that I was made aware of through cosmic visions and that was transmitted to me to reveal.

If during the vision there had been time and opportunity I would have raised objections against this divine calling, as did Moses when he, as a result of the vision of the divine fire in the thorn bush, was called to lead Israel out of Egypt. Just as he considered himself to be insufficiently qualified to carry out this very difficult mission, I too, as a man without scholarly education and with no cosmic knowledge whatsoever, would also have raised objections regarding my lack of qualifications.

But as I have already mentioned, there was no time. And besides, there would have been no place for the expression of such thoughts here. In the hours that followed I was so overwhelmingly consumed by a divine, super-terrestrial power, which as a result of the visions caused me to be firmly day-conscious of my cosmic calling or the dedication of my life to bringing Christianity to perfection as a scientific and firmly logical foundation of life for human beings, bringing them to completion in God's image after his likeness, that I could sense nothing else.

The vision of Christ and its purpose

As I have said, I had sat down and made myself comfortable with a scarf round my eyes in the darkened room. I had not been sitting for very long when there appeared a white plaster figure, a representation of the well-known figure of Christ created by the Danish sculptor, Bertel Thorvaldsen. It seemed to be at a distance of about 7 meters in front of me. It was a small figure, about half a metre high. It was very clear, beautiful and white. But it was visible for only a short while before it faded away and the room was once again dark. Later it became clear to me that this little plaster figure should in a way symbolise for me the identity of the divine being that in the subsequent radiant visions I should experience – not as a dead figure – but as a cosmic living being that I would become one with. A blinding, super-terrestrial form now began to take shape, radiant in the whitest of white light. It was no longer Thorvaldsen's plaster figure but a life-size living Christ that came towards me quite slowly with outstretched arms as if to embrace me. The colossal light that radiated from the form and its clothing took the form of thousands and thousands of bright micro-suns, each one of which was smaller than the head on the smallest possible pin. Each one radiated a blinding, white light that created a feeling of wellbeing, and this light gave form to the celestial, living Christ through the light blue shadows that in some remarkable way were formed. I gazed spellbound at these divine marvels from a higher world. But then the form faded away and I found myself once again for a moment in darkness. But then the bright super-terrestrial form of Christ appeared once again, this time in a much greater size compared to the normal body size of a terrestrial human being. It was as if I was paralysed and could only gaze fixedly at the radiant form that was now just in front of me and was moving right into my organism or right into the innermost parts of myself. Here it stopped and stood still. But there now issued from this divine form a colossal stream of light. And in this light I could look out over the world.  It was as if I was outside the Earth. I could see ships sailing on the oceans. I saw continents with towns and landscapes gliding by, in short I could see that the Christ figure's intense light from within myself shone and sparkled over the whole world. And with that the super-terrestrial, divine vision came to an end. I was once again alone, back in the darkness. But the super-terrestrial, white light from the Christ figure remained in me and still continues to sparkle with increasing intensity within me. It has become my mission to reveal this eternal, radiant field of universal love through the whole of my cosmic literature, my cosmic analyses, cosmic symbols and the smaller books, as well as my 59 years of cosmic lecturing and during this period giving advice, guidance and encouragement to hundreds and hundreds of people who are suffering under unhappy fates. Sackfuls of letters of thanks from these people reaffirm what I have written.

But how could this country farmhand, dairyman, night watchman and office worker, unread and lacking in intellectual ability, be able to create a cosmic science, without study, research or scientific guidance from any to some extent earthly, spiritual-scientific authority, the final conclusion of which is the eternal world picture, with its vital foundation of universal love, the immortality of living beings and their appearance as master of their own fate? – We will find out! –

The golden light

This intensely radiant vision of Christ, which I have described, I experienced in an absolutely awake, cosmic day-consciousness and not in a state in which I was in any way experiencing dreams and hallucinations. It was a clear, day-conscious declaration of a mission I should carry out. But it is true that I could not immediately understand or become conscious of how I, an ignorant and uninformed person, would be able to manage such an elevated and holy, spiritual or cosmic task. But this state of ignorance was not to last very long. The very next morning I felt that I had to meditate once again in darkness as I had done the previous evening. Once more I sat in my wicker-chair, which seemed to be charged with some form of powerful, spiritual energy. I had the scarf over my eyes and found myself thus in complete darkness, but in an absolutely awake, day-conscious state. All at once it was as if I saw into a semi-darkened sky over which a dark shadow was moving, leaving the sky brighter. This shadow passed over the sky several times, each time the sky becoming ever brighter until it was a blinding ocean of light, the colour of purest gold. It was brighter than any other light in existence. It took the form of thousands of vibrating, vertical golden threads that totally filled the space. I found myself alone in the midst of this divine, living expanse of golden light, but without any visibly materialised appearance whatsoever. I had no organism, just as all created things around me, my room, my furniture, indeed, the entire material world, had completely disappeared or were beyond the reach of my senses. Despite the fact that the blinding golden light, with its vibrating, radiant threads of gold, had absorbed into itself everything that is otherwise accessible to the senses or the experience of life, it was nevertheless implanted in me or I could through this dazzling, golden light experience in a day-conscious way that I had a living existence beyond the created world, beyond everything that would normally appear to be created phenomena. I was outside time and space. I was one with infinity and eternity. I was in the element of my immortal I, that together with the immortal I's of all living beings in existence is one with the I or eternal origin of the universe. I was one with what had been sought and worshipped, both consciously and unconsciously, by all the world's cultures, religions, races and peoples since time immemorial – the one and only eternal, all-powerful, all-wise and all-loving Godhead of the universe.

The vision passed. It lasted only a few seconds or perhaps merely a fraction of a second, if one can in this context talk about and experience time at all. I was back once again in my physical state. My stay in the golden light had brought about a totally overwhelming change in my mentality, that made it clear to me that my vision of the omnipresent, all-filling golden light was absolutely not something I experienced in a dream, a fantasy or hallucination, but a true, awake, day-conscious, cosmic experience. It left me in a new state of consciousness that made it possible for me to create my cosmic analyses and symbols of the eternal universe or the very solution to the mystery of life. With this experience of the blinding golden light I was lifted up out of terrestrial mankind's present cosmic blindness to the higher, cosmic view of life, a view that showed me that universal love is the keynote of the universe and forms the basis of the renewal of Christianity and its further promotion as the foundation of the new world epoch that is now beginning, and on towards the fulfilment of God's plan with respect to the creation of mankind, namely its evolution into universal love and the cosmic consciousness that is its result and consequently its becoming in God's image after his likeness.

But this eternal truth about life or the solution to the mystery of life is not to be found through the use of microscopes, telescopes, calculators, computers or such like. And one absolutely does not find it by using atom or hydrogen bombs and other instruments of hell either. But once the war within human beings has killed the war outside* human beings, universal love, which is the eternal light of Christianity, will stream through the present-day strongly energetic research into or search for the real truth and bless it with the solution to the mystery of life. This solution is the identity of the eternal universe as a living being that constitutes infinity and eternity and that reveals itself through time and space and that speaks to living beings through living beings, each according to his kind, his race, his language, and his way of being, leading them to a consciousness of and creative power over all matter – whether it be fire, cold, water, air or ray-formed matter (or what we call "spirit") – and thereby to the way of being of universal love. The spirit of Christianity or of universal love will then shine and sparkle out of everyone's eyes to everyone's eyes, causing everyone to caress everyone. And in this fulfilment of the universe's eternal vital necessities for bliss, or life's highest happiness and joy in being alive, the finished human being will thus, in an awake, day-conscious way, meet the eternal Godhead in every action, meet his words in every human being's words, and meet him in every human being's universal love. For the human beings on Earth, world redemption is now brought to a close. God's creation of the human being in his likeness is now complete. The spirit of God on the face of the waters has become a kingdom of heaven on Earth. God is once again walking with Adam in the garden of Eden.

About myself

These cosmic visions that I have described here would never have been written down if they had not been a divine process that opened up in my mentality or psyche a new sensory structure that gave me permanent, cosmic day-consciousness. And it is through this mental state that God through his holy spirit gave me knowledge, energy and courage and the sensory ability to carry further Jesus' divine proclamation of the science of universal love, life's "Third Testament", for an intellectual mankind that is beginning to become spiritually hungry.

With this science of universal love, mankind will find its way to the central point in Christ's mission and see the message of Jesus freed from the thousands of years of the darkened, false interpretations of ignorance, superstition, naivety and intolerance.

One should not think that because I have been given the task of carrying forward the mission of Christ and revealing God's coming completion of mankind in his image, that I should be someone to be worshipped, expecting people to treat me as a person of a higher spiritual rank, perhaps even raising me up to being the Godhead itself, as people have done with Christ. It would be a terrible misunderstanding, in fact a downright distortion of the absolute truth or reality. I have merely lived my physical existence in a way that my abilities and fate have enabled me. That my life has been a manifestation of higher, cosmic knowledge, that human beings, through the rapid release of dark karma that is taking place at the moment, will comparatively quickly be ready to receive, is proof of the colossal logic that rules the Godhead's creative realm. That I have been given the abilities that have enabled me to reveal to mankind, in the form of cosmic analyses, the solution to the mystery of their own lives and their relationship to the all-penetrating and omnipresent eternal Godhead, is absolutely not due to my having been in any way particularly favoured by the Godhead. God has absolutely no favourites. All are equal in his universal love. The abilities that I have reached the stage of having developed are only what all human beings before me have achieved and what all those that come after me will achieve, absolutely all without exception. There is therefore really nothing to either thank or worship me for. It has been a wonderful, divine experience to bring the eternal light into a world in which human beings still to a large extent are groaning in the darkness.

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