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11 Our path from animal- to real human kingdom

Gods eternal world plan in one cosmic symbol.

War or peace?

It is not accidental that Martinus has chosen to place the following two symbols on the front and back covers of his work:

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The symbol on the back cover is called: Through the initiation of darkness – Hell or Armageddon
– Symbol No. 19


The killing principle
The large orange arc and the sword from the left  symbolise a dark action which is happening to the individual (the white triangle). Here the response is with the principle of revenge (the sword), which we know as formulated in the Old Testament – an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

We reap as we sow from life to life
With cosmic sight it can be seen how we ourselves create our fate from life to life (the orange rectangles), interposed with resting periods in the spiritual worlds (the yellow rectangles).

The consequences of the killing principle
War, political and religious conflict, poverty, illness and distress are due to ignorance about the eternal life and the law of karma. One believes that one can sow war and reap peace.

First after the harvesting of our sufferings is born an understanding of life’s law of love ”love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you”.

Meat eating is also an example that human beings  ”know not what they do”. All the sufferings we cause other living beings, large as well as small, return to ourselves. The volcano symbolises natural catastrophes – and shows that we are not wholly protected in relation to our macrobeing, the Earth. We ourselves constitute a macrobeing in relation to our organism. If we provide it with poor conditions so are we born in outlying nature areas which are correspondingly dangerous. But even under the initiation of darkness, in  ”the killing principle’s sphere”, we are surrounded by love (the radiant halo). The receptive soul can always find a guiding light which shows the way out of the darkness.


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The symbol on the front cover is called: The fully-evolved human being in God’s image after His likeness
– Symbol No. 23


The life-giving principle
Here is illustrated the New Testament’s moral principle of complete forgiveness – the goal of evolution. The two clasped hands symbolise that the loving person meets hostility (the left orange arc) with friendship (the right yellow arc) and thereby creates a light and joyful future for itself and its neighbour in this and future lives (the rectangle areas become more and more yellow coloured). Every experience of suffering makes us gradually more compassionate, until we only have the heart to do the good, like the Christ being in the symbol.

The cosmic life view
The lowest part of the two symbols with the black background illustrates the cosmic life view with many terrestrial lives, the law of karma and evolution from animal to human. We see that the Third Testament supports the New Testament’s moral principle.

The goal with the many terrestrial lives is to teach us to “Love your God above all things and your neighbour as yourself”. We have then become “human beings in God’s image after his likeness”.


For a detailed symbol explanation written by Martinus himself see The Eternal World Picture Vol. II

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