A window onto eternity

Read an introduction here. Life's highest questions are analysed: Who am I? Why suffering? Where from and where to? Does God and the road to bliss exist?

OT, NT and TT. Read how the moral of revenge is superseded by the ideal of forgiveness.

The eternal world pictureGods eternal world plan illustrated in a symbol. We reap what we sow and develop from animal kingdom to real human kingdom from life to life.

Martinus didn't consider himself to be anything special or an ecexception from the rule. He writes this in the preface of Livets Bog:

"... in the eternal evolution I could not possibly constitute one single jot more than that which all other living beings before me have been and which all other living beings after me will be."

Quoted from Livets Bog I sect. 22

Who is the author of the Third Testament?

MartinusMartinus was a native of Denmark, the country of birth of the great storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. Of Hans Christian Andersen one could say that he made stories out of reality, of Martinus one could say the opposite!
He took the stories of the Bible, Christianity's message of boundless love and the eternal core of the world religions and made them into spiritual science!

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The Initiation of Martinus

Martinus describes the spiritual process that gave him the consciousness of immortality the very prerequisite to be able to write the Third Testament in the following way:


My mission



By Martinus 1890 - 1981
In my 31st year I underwent a spiritual or cosmic process that led me into a cosmic mission. The results of this mission today comprise my entire cosmic writings, my cosmic analyses – and the coloured symbols that go with them – of the eternal structure and laws of the universe, manifested in my large main work LIVETS BOG and the symbol books THE ETERNAL WORLD PICTURE, as well as all my smaller books and the texts of lectures I have given.


Different attitudes to the account of my mission

In as much as my work has gradually been made accessible to a good many people, appreciative of its spiritual science as a fundamental factor in their lives, I have considered it appropriate to furnish them with a brief survey of the events directly giving vent to this spiritual mission of mine.


The son of God at one with his Father

The first text Martinus wrote after his cosmic birth became the final section of Livets Bog - in English: "the book of life" the main work of The Third Testament


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