window Who am I? Where are we going? Does God exist?

Read an introduction with cosmic symbols.

11 Our path from animal- to real human kingdom

Gods eternal world plan in one cosmic symbol.

Information centers The Third Testament

Spiritual science cannot be enclosed within societies or sects with subordinates and superiors. Life itself, which is synonymous with God, is the supreme teacher in humankind’s evolution towards a higher consciousness.

The Third Testament is freely available to anyone who may be interested. Anyone inspired by The Third Testament can arrange study groups, give lectures and open a Third Testament Information Center.

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Denmark: Fonden Det Tredie Testamente
Fonden Det Tredie Testamente Brøndby



Fonden Det Tredie Testamente
Vestre Gade 6 A
DK-2605 Broendby - Denmark

Contact by mail: click here!

Phone +45 2015 7811
Fax +45 36482323
Skype shop-team

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Germany: Bärbel Zöller
Martinus-Kreis Schönfließ bei Berlin





Martinus-Kreis Schönfließ bei Berlin:

Bärbel Zöller
Stieleichenstraße 7
16567 Schönfließ
Deutschland - Germany

Telefon: 033056 / 427171
Monatlicher Studienkereis

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Norway: John R Karlsen
John Karlsen Narvik





John R Karlsen - Narvik

Tel. +47 91304171 (mobile)
Tel. +47 76944119 (fastnet)

You can send a mail to me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

South Africa: Naude'
Naude' - Johannesburg




Naude' - Johannesburg

PO Box 2412
Houghton, 2041
South Africa

Phone: +27 11 484-3005


Sweden: Stiftelsen Tredje Testamentet - The Third Testament Foundation
Stiftelsen Tredje Testamentet Göteborg




Stiftelsen is the provider of this service

Stiftelsen Tredje Testamentet,
Göteborgsvägen 18
S-443 30 Lerum

Contact by mail here. Or use the "Contact us" on this page here.

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