A window onto eternity

Read an introduction here. Life's highest questions are analysed: Who am I? Why suffering? Where from and where to? Does God and the road to bliss exist?

OT, NT and TT. Read how the moral of revenge is superseded by the ideal of forgiveness.

The eternal world pictureGods eternal world plan illustrated in a symbol. We reap what we sow and develop from animal kingdom to real human kingdom from life to life.

The Third Testament foundation

We’re a swedish private non-profit organisation with the one and only purpose to help inform about the existence of The Third Testament or to be more specific:

  • To inform about the fact that The Third Testament is the continuation of the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible.
  • To inform about the fact that The Third Testament contains a science of love.
  • To inform about the necessity of the eternal world-picture in order to establish a global kingdom of peace.
  • To make all this information available wordwide.
  • To teach people who wants to inform.

This project is funded by private contributions. If you want to contribute financially you can do it here.

Contact us here.

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