A window onto eternity

Read an introduction here. Life's highest questions are analysed: Who am I? Why suffering? Where from and where to? Does God and the road to bliss exist?

OT, NT and TT. Read how the moral of revenge is superseded by the ideal of forgiveness.

The eternal world pictureGods eternal world plan illustrated in a symbol. We reap what we sow and develop from animal kingdom to real human kingdom from life to life.

The science of Universal love

Intellectualised Christianity, a four page PDF document that briefly introduces the science of Universal love.

The aim of The Third Testament is to show how loving our neighbour and God, is the highest science in life. God should be understood as an all  embracing living being, synonymous with the universe. Questions about "eternity” are placed under the microscope and analysed in the bright light of intuition. As mankind has increasingly left the stage of blind belief behind, verifiable facts are needed ­ also regarding the spiritual problems of life...

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 Introduction to the Third Testament

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